Tuesday, 7 August 2012


She is
in particular,
that one thing,
the thing,
the word on the tip of my
diving board--
ahh, tongue--
on the waiting list
of vocabulary--
waiting for she,
on the tip of toes,
in the bask of sunlight,
in the beautiful mind.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

04 August 2012

Sitting in my new flat, enjoying the 10p coin of  lovely English weather. Someone keeps flipping the coin and they can't decide whether they want heads or tails. Will the sun stay or will the rain wash our troubles away? Or will it just get us soaked? Find out next time on Have I Got The Weather For You!

A poem to wash away the wait.

The paper boat
took to the grey seas
on a voyage to discover
its purpose in life.

All it discovered,
much to its despair
was a drain
to the dark pits 

of bohemian Hell.