Monday, 18 October 2010

The Lamp Post

She stands by the road
Alone, tall and skinny
Still. Like many others.

A man, seduced by the drink
Sings a collides with her
For she is inconspicuous but bright

As a beacon, casting simple lights
To see everything. For her purpose is
Served. She was put there.

And she stays there. Watching
The foul danger embrace her
With fingers sharp as hurting flint

Then morning comes where
The world forgets she
Exists. Until the day fades away.

So she stands by the road
Tall and skinny
Still. With many others.

A first poem (second draft) of many that will eventually litter this new blog. Because, you see, recently I found a love for poetry--hell, I can't give you a list of my favourite poets off the top of my head, but it's there. 

A goldfish has better memory than me.

Anyway, this blog won't only include poetry. It'll have some prose too, articles that interest me, photos and all the nonsense one would expect from a hopeless romantic like me. WE SHALL SEE.

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